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Fori Imperiali

Virtual Reconstruction: How Rome was

While visiting the Imperial Forum's area today, one finds oneself in front of spaces and remains of what were once piazzas, streets, and palaces 2000 years ago. Certainly, it is fascinating to know that certain rituals and activities took place in these areas, but it is difficult to imagine effectively the architectural structures.
So here, we offer a computer graphic reconstruction of some of the buildings back then, giving you an idea of the monumentality erected thousands of years ago.

> Fly into the Forum of Caesar and the Basilica Ulpia through the 3D film reconstructions

From the table underneath, choose a photograph taken today to obtain an enlargement of its virtual reconstruction with a click of the mouse:

VirtualView VirtualView
The Via Sacra area The Temple of Venus and Rome
VirtualView VirtualView
The Roman Forum The " via dei Fori Imperiali" seen from the Colosseum
VirtualView VirtualView
The Basilica Ulpia The Forum of Trajan
VirtualView VirtualView
The Forum of Nerva The Massenzio Basilica
VirtualView VirtualView
The Temple of Mars Ultor The Temple of the Dioscuri in the Roman Forum
Virtual View VirtualView
The Colosseum Inside the Colosseum

(The virtual reconstructions are realized by Village HTC of Rome- Copyright All Right Reserved)

> Live images from Rome through the remote control camera

> Living in Rome 2000 years ago: dressing, eating, working

In the other chapters you can find: the latest news on excavation advancements in the Imperial Forum area, the history of Rome, sayings and habits of the Antique Romans. Select a chapter among the four titles in the black column on the right.






Age of the Emperors

Recovering the Forums
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